A Parent’s Letter of Recommendation

My son came to Blackwater Outdoor Experiences as the result of yet another relapse.  He was not interested in a traditional inpatient rehab experience again, but was willing to try something different.  Blackwater is unlike any other treatment program he had been to.  The Medical Director, Dr. Bright, makes himself incredibly available to parents and clients to discuss concerns and educate. The small, stable group of clients (without new admissions and discharges) allow for a cohesive group experience.  The counselor to client ratio and 24 hour observation and interaction with the clients is easily the most intensive treatment he has participated in.  The field counselors relayed information to counselors in the office who worked with us (his parents) to insure that we were progressing in our understanding of addiction and identifying needs specific to our son and our family.  Though my son had been to rehab 3 times before Blackwater, I discovered things about him that I had never known.  More importantly, he discovered things about himself he needed to know.  The challenge of canoeing, hiking and rock climbing, testing himself in ways he hadn’t experienced before, gave him some much needed insight.  The family weekend was a deeply healing time for me and it is unlike anything I have ever experienced in any other program.  We came away from Blackwater with a comprehensive plan for how to proceed with aftercare.
I would recommend this program to any parent that has a child struggling with substance abuse and addiction.  I would also encourage parents to consider this program for teens that may be exhibiting early signs of substance abuse. Pursuing early, aggressive treatment for substance abuse is key.  The intensive Blackwater Outdoor Experience could make a huge difference for a struggling young person.
Lisa Lombardo, RN