Employment Opportunities

Blackwater Outdoor Experiences is an experiential, therapeutic treatment program. Primarily, we offer 22-day wilderness adventure courses in a variety of wilderness settings to aid adolescents and young adults in initiating positive growth and change within personal, family, peer, and school relationships.

Our program is focused on encouraging self-discovery, self-confidence, discipline, trust, problem solving skills, personal strengths, and the establishment of more clear communication patterns. Participants we serve may be experiencing behavioral problems, low self-esteem, manipulative behavior, depression, difficulty accepting responsibility, poor motivation, or chemical dependency.  Each course has six maximum participants with two instructors, which includes a Field Therapist and Field Guide.

We differentiate ourselves in the industry by having a master’s level therapist in the field full time.  All of our clients are willing participants who choose to take part.  This perception of freedom and choice translates to higher levels of intrinsic motivation and greater success rates.  We do not accept escorted participants; we are a hands off program, no restraints.  Our therapeutic expeditions include three modes of transportation; paddling, backpacking and rock climbing.

Please contact us via e-mail: information@blackwateroutdoor.com if you are interested in learning more about employment at BOE.

We are currently not hiring for full time Field Therapist but are accepting applications for the future. (Job Description)

Currently Hiring Field Guide for all upcoming expeditions (Job Description)

Contact Andrew at 804-378-9006 ext 2 or andrew@blackwateroutdoor.com for more information or to apply.