Our Founder


Medical Director

George M. Bright, M.D.

Recently designated an expert on ADHD by the American Medical Association, Dr. Bright is a graduate from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School. Following three years of practice in pediatric and adolescent medicine in the United States Air Force, Dr. Bright completed a Fellowship in Adolescent Medicine at Harvard University Medical School.

Shortly after arriving in Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Bright established the Adolescent Medicine Program at the Medical of Virginia (now the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center). As an Associate Professor with VCU, Dr. Bright taught courses about licit and illicit drug use to local educators.

Dr. Bright has devoted a majority of his career towards working with adolescents, young adults and families who struggle with emotional, academic and social challenges. Additionally, Dr. Bright works with individuals who are trying to free themselves from their dependance on alcohol or drugs.

Dr. Bright started Blackwater Outdoor Experiences 30 years ago with the goal of providing young adults and adolescents with a program that would allow individuals to address their challenges or addictions in a wilderness environment under the supervision of trained therapists. Dr. Bright does not consider Blackwater’s program to be a cure for individuals, but rather a powerful, positive stepping stone as part of a long term treatment program.

In addition to overseeing Blackwater, Dr. Bright also runs The Adolescent and Family Health Center that provides medical & psychological treatment and addresses the educational, vocational and recreational needs of participants and their families.