The BOE Mission

BOE meets the therapeutic and educational needs of both individuals and the community through targeted, meaningful, and relevant outdoor/experiential programs.

BOE cultivates the non-traditional learner within the context of wilderness, play, experience, and kinesthetic opportunities using prescriptive treatment and education.

BOE supports a prescriptive, multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary approach through therapeutic, educational, medical, recreational, and family support/involvement.

BOE provides an elite level of care, surpassing industry standards, by utilizing highly qualified/degreed/licensed/experienced professionals during all programming.

BOE strengthens individuals’ intrinsic motivation and opportunity for growth and development by adhering to a voluntary participation model and actively facilitating perceptions of freedom.

BOE maximizes program effectiveness and integrity through a meticulous screening and admissions process.

BOE utilizes a strength based framework that accommodates to the needs of the individual and the family.

Goals and Objectives

Our Intensive Therapeutic Expedition Program looks at each individual’s strengths and challenges to facilitate personal growth.  With the help of the family and participant, the treatment team develops Individual Treatment Goals and Objectives for each participant.

In addition to the individualized treatment goals developed by the family and treatment team, each participant will be encouraged to explore and work on goals and objectives that include, but are not limited to:

    • Identifying specific emotional issues which need further exploration
    • Examine personal attitudes, values, and morals in relationship to his/her overall self-concept
    • Develop and improve upon necessary problem-solving skills, both on an individual and group basis
    • Explore the intricacies of family dynamics
    • Develop an understanding of his/her role within the family
    • Work towards understanding the dynamics of group cohesion.
    • Identifying and assessing specific options for post-course, follow-up treatment.