Thank you for your interest in Blackwater Outdoor Experiences!  You are steps away from making a very good decision to help a family member or friend learn more about themselves, and to brighten their future!

If you have any questions regarding our program or scholarship opportunities, please do not hesitate to call our Admissions phone line at (804) 378-9006 or e-mail

How to Apply:

1. Contact our office (804-378-9006) for a FREE consultation as to whether you or your family member are a good fit for our program.

2. Send us your Application. If there is information regarding past history of treatment available (psychological testing, IEP reports, therapist notes etc.) this helps us to develop an accurate assessment of the needs of the applicant.  Please provide releases and copies of the appropriate documents to aid in the process – Call with any questions.

3.  Once we receive the application we will notify you and ask further questions regarding the applicant and the family.

4.  We will arrange a phone conversation for parent(s) and/or participants to meet the Field Therapist

The Application

The following document is our Admissions Application and it is our primary tool used to best meet the needs of an applicant for a Blackwater Wilderness Therapy Expedition. We ask that you take the time to thoughtfully respond to each question. The more in depth and thorough your answers, the more effectively we can work with you and your family. Feel free to attach an additional sheet of paper if more space is needed.

The admissions process for the 22-day expedition requires the completion of the comprehensive application, satisfactory physical examination, and a non-refundable deposit of twenty percent of the program fee. We will also be interested to learn more about past history with other therapists, psychologists and treatment programs.


All payments are processed with our Business Manager Jennifer Weddle.  Please contact her to arrange payments.

Jennifer Weddle
Business Manager


Blackwater Outdoor Experiences in partnership with Wilderness Alternatives Incorporated (WAI) offers scholarships to individuals in need of special services. All applicants interested must fill out a scholarship application and submit it to Jennifer Weddle, Business Manager. WAI is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that provides scholarship to participants lacking the necessary resources to experience outdoor therapeutic programs.