Final Expedition of the Year.

Our 9th and final expedition hit the road on Sunday. We have a great group of four young adults headed into the journey of a lifetime. We are excited to have 2 guys and 2 girls on this trip. Often times families do not think of the outdoors for the first place for females but the experience is just as powerful and fitting for them as well as males.

The weather is creating a challenging start to the expedition but we are confident they will learn many skills to comfortable in the adverse conditions and the group will bond for create a strong start for the entire journey.

We are thankful for everyone who has participated and worked with us throughout this year. Having nine expeditions this year was a great step forward for us as it is the most consistent our trips have run and we are working hard to work with as many families as we can. Blackwater is a unique experience and we hope to provide our services to more families and help create a path towards stronger relationships and happier lives.