Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the application process for your 22 Day Therapeuic Wilderness Expeditions?
A: In order to apply you can call and request more information as well as an application or you can download the application here. Complete the application and collect other intake information sources such as previous psychological evaluations and a physical. Once completed you can either scan and email the application to or fax the application to 804-378-9074.

Q: What are the different components to your program?
A: As a part of our 22 Day Therapeutic Wilderness Expeditions we take individuals on a three week trip that has a week for travel and canoeing, a nine day period for backpacking a 72 hour solo experience, and the final week includes travel and three days of rock climbing followed by a family weekend program.
Feel free to search the rest of our website to learn about our appoach, schedule of a typical day, and the treatment overview.

Q: What is the age limit for your program?
A: We work with individuals in the age groups of 14-18 and 18-29. All applications are reviewed to ensure individuals are placed into groups of similar age groups and therapeutic needs.

Q: Is your program co-ed? Male Only? or Female Only?
A: Our program serves both males and females. Dependent on applications received groups may be all male, all female, or co-ed. In the case of being a co-ed group Blackwater Outdoor Experiences staff have specific operating procedures in order to ensure the best therapeutic experience possible for everyone involved. Specific concerns around this topic can be addressed by contacting our office at 804-378-9006 or by email

Q: Where do you go for the 22 Day Therapeutic Wilderness Expeditions?
A: When considering a 22 day experience in the wilderness we take the season and potential weather into consideration. Generally, throughout the spring, summer, and into the fall months we will operate in the immediate Virginia and West Virginia area. During the colder months and especially winter we will travel to more south eastern portions of the United States such as North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Tennesee.