Happy New Year!

2015. Here we go.

We are excited for another year of expeditions and changed lives. Our first expedition is slated for March 1. We are taking our time kicking off the year to make sure we are prepared for everything coming. In the meantime Blackwater is hiring a full-time field therapist, interested parties can e-mail or give us a call with any questions or to apply.

Our team here is actively working to engage our larger community of other treatment programs and wilderness programs along with other providers, educational consultants, etc. We had two great trips to a NATSAP conference in Asheville, NC and also made it all the way to Orlando, FL for the IECA conference. We will continue to reach out and build stronger relationships and engage so we can continue to grow and offer the best services we possibly can.

We are really excited for the upcoming year and the expeditions that are about to happen. Please don’t be a stranger: send an e-mail, give us a call, and keep us updated and we will do the same.