Letter of Recommendation

Dear Dr. Bright and the staff of Blackwater Outdoor Experience:

I can hardly believe that it has been 9 months since our lives were changed, and more importantly, our son’s life was changed, through Blackwater Outdoor Experience. Cody left for his 22 day Blackwater Experience in the dead of winter and in the dead of his addictions, but he returned to us with life and light in his eyes; a miracle as far as we are concerned.

We thought we understood the depths of our son’s addiction, and we thought we had been helping him overcome to the best of our abilities, but an intervention was necessary and that is where you came into the picture.  When Cody shared with us that he had researched Blackwater and that there was an opening for him just a week away, we made a few quick calls from your recommendation list and our next step became crystal clear; we had to get Cody to your office without delay.  From the moment he met you and your incredible staff, a wave of relief came over all of us.  We knew that hard work was ahead for all of us, and we knew that a lot of introspection and healing would need to take place, but we had no idea just how incredible the return on our investment would be until 22 days later, and now 9 months later.

Parents’ weekend came and aside from the great counseling sessions Blackwater had provided us as parents, we did not know what to expect when we drove up to the retreat site and saw our son come racing out the cabin door to meet us. His entire appearance and countenance had changed.  The boy who had for the past two years stood hunched over was now standing before us 3 inches taller, and immeasurably more confident.  His first words to us were apologetic and humble, but what we marveled over was how positive, clear-minded and future focused he had become.

Dr. Bright, you and your staff have faithfully continued the conversation with us and with Cody for the past 9 months, and we have seen that the work Blackwater began has grown from strength to strength in our son.  He has been working on an organic farm in Seattle for months, drug free and embracing life and leadership development at every chance he gets.  He calls often and is consistently positive and focused on his ambitions.  And as for our family, we have been healed through the professional counsel we received from Blackwater.

Dr. Bright, we are indebted to you and to your staff, and we cannot more highly and enthusiastically recommend Blackwater Outdoor Experience.

Gratefully yours,

(Cody’s Father)