Post from a New Guide.

The words of Pat about his first trip with Blackwater:

Hey everybody! I just got back from leading a trip for Blackwater Outdoor, and it was a blast! The area that the trips take place in is beautiful! The river is unlike any I’ve seen before, with basically all-rock bottoms. There are many fun spots on the river like a cool cave, some fun rapids, and tons of great views. The mountains in the backpacking section are challenging, which makes getting to the summit, lunch spot or camp all the more rewarding. There are many opportunities for views the likes of which the students had never seen before; being so high up. You can see mountains far off in the distance, and many different things in the valleys way down below. Although sleeping outside was trying at times for the students, they quickly got used to it, and came to enjoy it.

Finally, rock climbing was a great turning point in the trip. All students were challenged both mentally and physically in this section, for many reasons. Overcoming these challenges was such a huge step towards recovery for them. It was great for me to see them go from hating being on the trip at first to enjoying it, and then appreciating their lives at home all the better. The students that I saw at family weekend were not the same students that I first met on day one. Although they surely still had long roads ahead, they are now far better equipped for their journeys.


Happy New Year Everyone! We are starting the year here at BOE with a trip that is headed out to the field on Sunday! Hoping for another wonderful year of adventure, growth, recovery, climbing and lots more!