Daily Schedule



7:30   AM    Wake Up

8:00   AM    Breakfast/Pack Up

9:30   AM    Morning Check-in/Lesson

10:30 AM    Daily Activity

12:30 PM    Lunch and Journaling

2:00   PM    Daily Activity Cont’d

5:00   PM    Arrive/Set Up Camp

6:30   PM    Dinner

7:30   PM    Fire/Evening Circle

10:00  PM    Lights Out

* All times are approximate and subject to change due to weather, daylight, days activities, etc.

There is no such thing as a “Typical Day” when out in the field on an expedition. The daily schedule is a goal we strive for and what we plan each day to look like but every day is unique and there are so many variables that we are unable to plan for. Having a routine and structure to our days is helpful but we know and plan ahead for anything to happen. Rainy days, lessons, getting turned around, teachable moments, or lengthy rests/explorations can cause the daily schedule to change anytime and that is not a bad thing.

A “typical day” on an expedition includes a brief morning check-in.  Then the campsite is bustling with activity as participants go about their individual tasks for which they are responsible such as: preparing breakfast, breaking down camp, and packing up.  In this way, participants are challenged to take responsibility for taking care of themselves and the group…

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are times when the group can bond and have casual conversations; therefore the entire group eats each meal together.  Prior to leaving camp, in the morning, the Field Therapist may teach a psycho-educational lesson, with topics such as problem solving, addiction relapse and recovery, effective communication, or conflict resolution.  The Field Guide may also teach a wilderness skill specific to the day’s activity, such as tarp set-up, cooking and other camp craft activities, paddling and/or climbing skills.  The remainder of the morning is spent paddling, hiking, or climbing.

After lunch, reflective journal writing may take place in a quiet and scenic area.  Individual therapy sessions with the Field Therapist may also occur during this time.  Paddling, hiking, or climbing resumes in the afternoon until sunset, at which time the evening’s campsite is selected and set up and dinner is prepared.  After dinner, group therapy takes place, during which the group processes how the day went, evaluates their daily goals, and uses the group experience to practice social skills and giving and receiving open feedback.  The rest of the evening is often spent in casual conversation around the campfire, a nice down-time activity after a good day’s work and activity.

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