Testimonials – Transitions Program

It was helpful to continue to discuss things and figure out how to move forward. It is important to have time to reflect after the experience to apply things learned on the expedition. – BOE Student


It is an essential part of the Blackwater Experience. It helped [my son] integrate what he discovered into his family interactions and gave him time, with evidence, to come up with a viable plan for the future. – BOE Parent


I was able to gain helpful tips and information for school and home life during these meetings. The transition would have been harder and more difficult if I didn’t have these meetings to guide me. The family portions helped me express how and why I was feeling certain ways about things. It helped keep my parents in check and helped them see my view on situations. The transition program was a great help with returning from the wilderness to the real world. Coming back would have been much harder if I didn’t have this available. I was able to work through tough situations that I wouldn’t have know how to handle without it. – BOE Student


A way of relooking on how I communicate with my son and my family. After our discussions some things were said that are hard to hear but the sessions were a good way to check in with ourselves. – BOE Parent