Time for Solo.

Our current expedition is at the beginning of their solo experience.

The trip opened up with a few hot days on the river and some excellent chances to enjoy some of the last awesome swimming days of the year. The transition to backpacking was a smooth one and Dolly Sods is a great place this time of year. Leaves are starting to change colors, a few deer have been spotted, and there is a lot less mud than springtime.

Now is the time for solo. Solo is a time that we find to be extremely important on all of our expeditions. This is a chance for the students to really find out who they are and take an inventory of what is going on in their lives and how they want to change some of that. Our expeditions transition from being “Why am I here to what is next?” during solo. Each participant has only themselves and nature (And visits from staff) and no other distractions. There is no escaping the thoughts, ideas, or yourself during solo. No chances to turn on the tv, youtube, radio, or anything else.

Solo is an intense experience. Not always easy and not always fun. But it is powerful. Students inevitably learn something during solo, they may not always recognize it at first, and surprisingly some students list solo as the highlight of their experience with Blackwater.

We are hoping the best for those currently working through their solo experiences and can’t wait to hear the stories thy come back with.